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Majestic Group's Bathroom vanities offer functionality accompanied with the feeling of serenity. Majestic bathroom vanities with stylish straight lines strongly reflect both simplicity and modernity. Turkish manufacturer of bathroom vanities in Turkey.
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MAJESTIK GROUP was established in 1996 and commenced operations the same year as a manufacturer and solution partner in the field of building materials. In the course of time, it has improved its corporate structure with both its new investments and mentality of providing additional products and services.
In its future projection, the brand defined as a RELIABLE CORPORATION "with regard to its customers and partners sets its sights to carry out its prospective works and investments in this trust center again.
Our brand behind our investments and works supports their reliability while also indicating a structure that creates innovative and new ideas.
Within the process, the company keeps producing a wide range of services and products, by developing its business initiated with the sales of building materials, making investments in furniture and project production, and creating a business development platform focused on the building materials sector.
Majestik Group supplies building materials under the brand name Majestik, and constructs buildings under the brand name Aleron. It also produces Arinna and Bancina-branded furniture products under the brand name Mabrika, and  presents them to its customers in all stores of Bauhaus Turkey.

MABRIKA, i.e. MAJESTIK's factory established on a total land of 6,000 m2 with an indoor area of 3,000 m2, carries out the serial production of MAJESTİK GROUP's BARCINA and ARINNA brands, as well as special production of project-based works. As a corporate perspective, our production unit adopting it as a principle to provide the best solution with the best cost and the most successful result produces work always within the frame of this mentality, paying attention to the corporate vision and mission, no matter the activity is within the scope of a MEJESTIK PROJECT PARTNERSHIP, or it is being carried out in its own stores or at BAUHAUS selling points, or it is an individual production intended for a particular customer.
MABRIKA, as a unit that has completed its technological infrastructure and realized its operational investments in terms of its production line and techniques, supports the power of our brand with its project designing, production and application services.

Majestik® Bathroom cabinets